A chat with AJ. 

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One of my favorite things about Japan. 

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A casual chat. 

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The conclusion of THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho!

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Casual chat. 

Direct download: Appreciating_The_Journey.mp3
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A chat about spirituality, religion, and philosophy. 

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The Brave New World strategy.

Also: Truth, Discipline, and Beauty. 

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Casual chat about Purpose, Goals, and Santiago. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Continuing with Coelho's book. 

Direct download: The_Alchemist__Part_4__EE_Book_Club.mp3
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Finishing The Alchemist soon. 

Direct download: Rain_Right_Intention.mp3
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Chat with AJ.

Direct download: Alchemist_Translation_Advanced_Vocabulary.mp3
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The difference, and when to use each.  

Direct download: Intuition_vs_Thinking.mp3
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A lesson from The Alchemist. 

Direct download: Eyes_Forward_Laugh_and_Keep_Fighting.mp3
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Updates from the tropics!

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Hi from Guam. 

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