An English Lesson for Bon Jovi's song "It's My Life".  Learn the meaning of the words, then sing them with pride and passion!

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Category:Slang -- posted at: 7:59pm PST Download the text of the Effortless English Newsletter.  Improve your English speaking and listening.

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You must practice English as you would practice a sport... not study it like an academic school subject!

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Get the free picture at:  Use the Engine of English Speaking to speak excellent English. 

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Category:general -- posted at: 9:00am PST How can strangeness help you learn English?  AJ discusses why strangeness and emotion are important for English learning. 

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Dr. James Asher is a pioneer in the language teaching field.  In this podcast I discuss his unique ideas and research.

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A Teleseminar with the Effortless English VIP members.  AJ answers questions from VIP members.  He discusses English fluency, vocabulary, and writing.  AJ also discusses upcoming improvements to the VIP program.

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There is a surprising link between Culture, Identity and Pronunciation.  Learn the deep secret to improving your spoken English pronunciation.

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The Effortless English Podcast is back! 

Learn more about Effortless English at:

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