Chat with AJ. 

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Reading is POWERFUL!

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The great and powerful benefits. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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The EE Show!

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Starting a new book!!

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Chat with AJ.

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We few, we happy few.  We band of brothers. 

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Dear Friends, once more.

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Casual chat with AJ. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Natural success, respect, and friendship. 

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Casual chat with AJ. 

Direct download: Strategy_The_Art_of_War.mp3
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The final chapter of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki!

Direct download: Book_Club__Rich_Dad_Chapter_9.mp3
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AJ discusses Rich Dad, strategy computer games, weight loss, and meditation. 

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Be optimistic!

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Effortless English Show, Enjoy!

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We are more powerful than it seems!

Direct download: Our_Power_The_Math_of_Success_Guerrillas.mp3
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The peer to peer blockchain revolution... is it coming?

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Web 3.0

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EE Show with AJ. 

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Casual chat with AJ. 

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Book Club Show!

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Casual chat with AJ. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Reawaken with AJ. 

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Casual chat with AJ. 

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An important message for you. 

Direct download: Have_Faith.mp3
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Continuing with Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Great Show!

Direct download: Rich_Dad_Poor_Dad__Chapter_7__Effortless_English_Book_Club.mp3
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Casual chat with AJ. 

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Casual chat, with coffee. 

Direct download: Coffee_n_Talk__Red_Pill_Benefits_Dawgs.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:15am PST = free audiobook!

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New idiom and casual chat!

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