Body language and nonverbal communication are important for your English speaking.  You need to communicate confidence.  You need to look strong and relaxed every time you speak English.  You want people to respect you.  You want people to listen to you.  In this video, AJ tells you how to have stronger body language when you speak English. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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School does not equal education. You will never learn to be successful in school. To achieve success and happiness, you must become the master of your own education. Only you can do this, no one can do it for you. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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Fear of public speaking in English is the number one problem of speakers. How do you overcome the terrible nervousness? How can you feel more relaxed before and during a speech? What's the number one secret to reducing fear, especially when you must speak in English? In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you an important mindset change that will give your more public speaking confidence. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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College is for children because it prolongs childhood. American universities have a huge party culture. Students drink alcohol, do drugs, and "party" constantly. While this may seem fun, the party culture delays adulthood. In college, students avoid responsibility and remain passive. They wait to be told what to read and what to learn. By the time they graduate at age 22 , they are still passive children. Even at this age, many struggle to make their own decisions. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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Gap years will change your life. Escape from the "rat race". Take a risk. Live your dreams. In this Effortless English Show, AJ encourages you to challenge yourself. He talks about taking sabbaticals in order to learn new skills, travel the world, start a business, or volunteer. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: Gap_Year_-_Sabbatical.mp3
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Good Career Good Life. What's the secret? Should you go to college? How do you get a good safe job? What's the secret to job and career success? How do I live a great life? AJ discusses your lifetime career and how to have the most success. He also tells you the BIG lie that you must avoid. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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The Schools War On Boys must be stopped. Boys are naturally energetic. They are naturally rambunctious. They love physical and rough play. Boys love to be outdoors. They love running and can run, and run, and run, and run all day long. But this energy is hated by the schools. Schools want passive students. They force boys to sit in chairs for hours. They force boys to listen to a (female) teacher talk on and on and on and on; day after day after day after day. Some boys adapt. They become weak "pleasers". Others resist and are labeled hyperactive, ADHD, learning disabled, oppositional defiant... or some other psychobabble disorder. In the USA, many are now being drugged. This is child abuse. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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Two magic words guarantee job interview success. Two words will get you job offers. Two magic words will give you great interviewing power. What are the two most powerful words for English job interviews? How can you be better than all of the others? How will you impress the interviewer? In this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you the two most powerful words for job interviewing. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: English_Job_Interviews_-_Two_Magic_Words.mp3
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Best answers to English job interview questions make you "stand out". How do you give the best answers? How do you compete with all of the other people? Which answers will get you job offers? AJ teaches you how to use a Sales Presentation mindset for interview success. This is the most important method for answering job interview questions. Using this method, you will be better than 99% of the other applicants. Learn the mindset secret to great job interviewing. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: English_Job_Interviews_-_Best_Answers_to_Questions.mp3
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Public speaking is scary. Overcoming the nervousness is the biggest challenge. Before you can learn presentation techniques, you must calm your mind and emotions. You must learn to feel comfortable speaking publicly. How to do it?   In this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you a simple and effective way to increase confidence with presentations. Using video, you can practice speeches and become comfortable. But, you must avoid one BIG mistake when doing this. AJ tells you what it is. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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Movie technique lesson with a lot of new vocabulary, including idioms and slang. AJ teaches a video from Paul Joseph Watson that is full of great phrases and vocabulary words. The video is about the lying and corruption of the corporate (mainstream) media. Paul Joseph Watson has a British accent, while AJ’s accent is American. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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Writing is the most difficult skill for many English learners. You need to write well to get a good job. You need to write well to keep a good job. You need to write well to get a high score on the TOEFL or IELTS.   What is the secret to good writing? What's the easiest way to quickly improve your writing? In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you a very simple tip for better writing. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

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Increase your energy for studying. Increase your concentration. Improve your memory. Feel more excited about learning and living. Our mental energy is connected to our physical energy. Our emotional health is connected to our physical health. The more energetic we feel physically, the faster we learn and the better we perform. In today's Show, AJ discusses the "magic bullet" of health and recommends the book "Juicing Power" by Mike Cernovich. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: Juicing_Power_Mike_Cernovich.mp3
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The End Of School is a book by Zachary Slayback. The book discusses the huge problems in our school systems. Slayback also offers a new vision for education-- a variety of choices to replace our outdated schools. AJ Hoge, host of The Effortless English Show discusses "The End of School". He reads a short section, teaches new vocabulary, and discusses the ideas. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: The_End_of_School_-_Zachary_Slayback.mp3
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The Effortless English Revolution: Schools are terrible everywhere in the world. Students are stressed, tired, bored, and angry. Parents are frustrated. No amount of money or time improves the situation. What is the answer? How can we create a powerful education system that serves students? How can we create effective education? How can transfer give power back to students, learners, and families? For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: The_Effortless_English_Revolution.mp3
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Your Effortless English Pronunciation Course questions answered by AJ. AJ reviews the most important points about pronunciation and then answers your questions. Recorded LIVE! For a free transcript of this audio, please visit

Direct download: Answering_Pronunciation_Course_Questions.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:11pm PDT  Two powerful pronunciation techniques!

Direct download: Pronunciation_Training_Techniques.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:46am PDT  Train your ears in order to improve your English pronunciation!

Direct download: English_Pronunciation_American_Accent_Ear_Training.mp3
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Have you ever heard of an abstraction? This is probably a new word to you but the meaning is not new to you at all. An abstraction is an idea but not the actual thing. Learning English can sometimes be an abstraction.

When you go to a restaurant, you look at the menu, it's a piece of paper. It's what we call an abstraction. It's not anything you would eat. It's just words on a page. You can read the menu. When you read the menu, you'll get some ideas in your mind about what the dish will be, how it might taste, how it might smell. But that's not real, you're just imagining. It's all in your head, it's all an abstraction. You can't eat the menu. You can try, but you'd only be eating paper. You would get no taste or smell or nutrition from eating the menu. The menu is an abstraction, the meal is the real thing. The meal is the real life. And no matter how good the menu is, even if the description's amazing, it will never really give you the experience of eating the actual food.

You need real world English, that's why I do this podcast. In my podcast, I don't talk about grammar rules. I talk about real life topics. Real world English. In this latest podcast, I talk about a book right now that I enjoy, "Dumbing Us Down". I talk about life strategies that I think might be useful or helpful to you. I talk in a very normal, real world, conversational way. I do this because you need real world English - real English learning! You don't need grammar rules, vocabulary lists, et cetera.

Please join me as I discuss the importance of emphasizing word endings, new books I am reading and more about abstractions!

For a free text transcript of this video, please visit

Direct download: Real-English-Learning.mp3
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Did you know that you can take six, seven or even eight years of English class and still not know how to speak English? So what are you learning in English class? You are learning how to follow the rules and do what you are supposed to do. But when you get out of class, you no longer have someone telling you how to study English. You no longer have someone telling you to take a test, study, practice your English.

I'm not here to tell you exactly what to do. I am not your boss. I don't want to be your boss. I want to be your friend. I want to be your guide. Your coach, your coach who encourages you to be a great performer. Your coach who encourages you, motivates you, to be stronger, to be an independent learner, to have success independently, to get what you want from life, not what I want you, for you.

One of our important values in Effortless English is self-reliance. Self-reliance. It's an important value. It means, basically, trust yourself. Trust, believe that you are smart enough. You are good enough. You can make your own decisions. You are your own boss. You are the boss of your learning. You are the boss of your life. Not me. Not some other teacher.

In this episode of the Effortless English Show, I share with you easy ways to improve your English reading and English speaking. I share with you the types of books you can read and techniques you can incorporate to improve your English. Most importantly I share with ways to take your power back and have the confidence to know you have what it takes to speak and read English fluently!!

You can get a free text transcript of this episode at

Direct download: Independent-English-Learning.mp3
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Do you understand and speak English but have a hard time being understood? Are you fluent in English and have perfect grammar but your pronunciation is bad? Did you know there's a psychological importance for pronunciation? People will respect you more, automatically, unconsciously, when your pronunciation is clear.

Is this fair? No, it's not fair, I know. If your pronunciation is bad, peoplemay not respect you as much. They may see you more like a child, and will react to you more like a child with less respect. I know it's not fair, but this is reality, this is the real world. On the other hand, when you have very good pronunciation with your English, when people listen to you, when you talk to other people, especially native speakers, Americans, Canadians, British, Australian, when your pronunciation is very good, they respect you more, and they also accept you more quickly and more easily. Fair or not fair, this is reality and so pronunciation is also very important for these reasons.

In this audio, I share with you a very simple but effective technique for improving your English pronunciation. If you follow me on Twitter and YouTube you know that I like to use movies to help you learn English. In this blog, we use imitation but I share with you a secret for quickly improving your pronunciation - and it's fun! In each blog, I also share a Twitter question. If you would like to submit a question to me via Twitter, please follow me @AJHoge.

To get a free text transcript of this audio, please visit:

Direct download: Pronunciation_Play_Acting.mp3
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When we practice the attitude of gratitude, we can appreciate how far we have come in life. Do you feel frustrated when trying to speak English? Do you compare yourself to others? Practicing the attitude of gratitude can bring you back to a place of appreciation. Appreciation that you are able to read English, speak English and are making great progress in speaking English fluently. In this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you how   an attitude of gratitude can allow you to relax and have fun while speaking English. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit the Effortless English Club Blog

Direct download: Attitude-Of-Gratitude-Show.mp3
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