Sunday chat with AJ. 

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The last chapter of Dumbing Us Down. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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From Plato.  

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Casual chat with AJ. 

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Relaxed chat with AJ. 

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A time for every purpose under heaven. 

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Chat with AJ

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Effortless English Book Club. 

Direct download: Dumbing_Us_Down__Chapter_4__Family.mp3
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Chat with AJ.  

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..and the Whopper With Cheese!

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Chat with AJ. 

Direct download: True_Community_Battles_With_Fear.mp3
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Chat with AJ. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Chat with AJ. 

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Continuing with our book club!

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Lay back and groove on a rainy day. 

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AJ chats with VIP members!

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Homeschooling tips.

Direct download: Home_Education_Fundamentals.mp3
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"All war is based on deception" -Sun Tzu

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Chat with AJ.

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Chat with AJ. 

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Enjoy the book!

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And The Long View.

Direct download: A_Tale_of_Two_Cities.mp3
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Chat with AJ. 

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